De Piñera Propiedades was founded 50 years ago by Américo De Piñera in the neighborhood of San Telmo, where he was born.

Today it is not only a leading firm, in its neighborhood, but it also actively operates in Montserrat, San Nicolás, Puerto Madero and Barracas.

Sandra De Piñera, real estate broker, enrolled in the Sole College of Realtors of the City of Buenos Aires (CUCICBA), graduated from the Universidad Católica Argentina, is the one who today assumes the ownership of her father’s legacy, preaching the values ​​that she was given Support to the company: professionalism, ethics and transparency in business.

De Piñera Properties betting on its growth, began a project to expand its real estate activity to the neighborhoods of Micro and Macrocentro, Barrio Norte, Belgrano and Palermo, focusing not only on the commercialization of properties but also on the development of real estate ventures.